Do you want to work from home? Here are the answers to all your questions so that you finally kick your current situation and change your life.


The other day I made a discovery that left me quite perplexed, and I saw that the keyword “work from home” has, in Spain alone, about 15,000 searches per month (varies according to the tool you use).
And that’s a lot of people, right?
In the end this is just a detail that supports what I have been thinking for a long time: the work context is changing very quickly.
People are tired of the archaic system that exists right now and are looking for new options. More freedom is needed to better reconcile professional and family life and have time for all those activities that really make us happy.
Enjoy only 30 days a year?

Therefore, if you are currently one of those people who are considering working from home, working from the Internet or simply looking for alternatives; This is your post.
What may be leading you to consider working from home, directly affects the strategy you should use to achieve it.

I will tell you some of the most common reasons:
You want different schedules: you are tired having your life organized and now you want to be the one to take the helm. You are interested in working from home because you want to be able to work whenever you want.
Freedom of movement: to the freedom of schedule, you want to be able to add work from anywhere thanks to the Internet. Come on, when we talk about “work from home,” what you really mean is “work from home on the Internet.” Having wifi, your office is the world.
You have lost your job or can’t find a job: you need to generate income quickly and you see telecommuting as an option to earn money right now. You see it as an extra, because what you really want is to find a normal job.
Better family reconciliation: you have a child / children and do not want to resign yourself to losing their childhood. The fact that you can work from home is what interests you.
You have retired: you have a lot of free time and would like to entertain yourself in addition to extra.
You want to reinvent yourself professionally: you know that the Internet is the present and the future and your intention is to focus your efforts on creating an online business.
I could put more profiles, but I think it is perfectly understood what I mean. Well, all this could really be summed up in 2 circumstances:
You want to develop professionally working online (digital nomads).
You want to get extra money thanks to the Internet.

Digital nomads: work at home or from anywhere in the world

The reality is that the Internet has opened a new stage where relations between workers and companies are changing completely. It is no longer necessary to be in a physical site for a certain amount of hours.
What is now demanded is independent and effective people who are capable of delivering results. How you organize, it’s only up to you.
This new professional figure that works through the Internet is what we call digital nomad. Although when you use this term you usually think of a person who lives on the road, the reality is that the concept has been enlarged.
Now a digital nomad is …
A person who uses the Internet to carry out his occupation and / or to sell his knowledge whether he is a worker, freelancer or entrepreneur.

The 3 types of digital nomads:
Another of the great myths that exist behind digital nomads is that everyone starts and has an online business. But the truth is that it doesn’t have to be that way.
There are other options.

Type 1: Remote Workers
This type of digital nomads usually work for a company or third parties; But as I said before, the company does not force you to be “in person” in the office. You work remotely, so you have freedom to move as you wish.
Gradually the policy of working for results and objectives is already being established. A system much more in line with current reality and more motivating and productive.
The only difference is that your location doesn’t matter. You only have to complete your tasks in a timely manner.

Type 2: Freelancers
There are many types of jobs that surely you already know that can be exercised under this figure:
Web developers
Marketing Consultants
Editors and / or copywriter.
In this case, freelancer usually focus on selling services (selling their time), but they also have the option of selling infoproducts (special products where you sell your knowledge in the form of an online course or ebook).
The important thing is that you keep in mind that any knowledge or useful skill you possess (not only what you learn in a career), can open the doors to you to work as a freelance.

Type 3: Entrepreneurs
This profile goes one step further and instead of focusing so much on services, it bases its business more on the creation of the infoproducts that I just mentioned.
Being digital products, they do not increase the costs of producing more or distributing more units. That is why it is said that they are “passive” income and that they allow you to scale your business (you do not need to invest more hours to generate more income. The first unit is created, everything is done).

In the end, everyone has to choose the path that will make them happier. If you don’t know how to do something, you’ll learn it on the way. What matters is the attitude.

The sale of services is the fastest way to generate income, but also the least scalable. As much as it hurts, the days only have 24 hours, that’s why it is so important that you generate passive income.

Have you already launched your plan to start working from home?
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