Moms Dilemma: Should I stay at home or should I go to Work?

Women who can work do not have children because of the difficulties of reconciling work and personal life. It is not surprising that the number of women who, once mothers, leave work increases. Not that they want to, many do it because they have no choice. “My salary was almost all gone in paying a caretaker, so I decided to be my son’s caretaker myself, I asked for a leave of absence and I don’t know if I can go back, what I do know is that my son will be better with me”

What is better, staying at home or returning to work? The psychologist Rachel Lucas-Thompson, of Macalester College, in St. Paul (Minnesota), published a study on the effects that mothers have to return to work before the child turns three and the results were clear. “We have shown that women who return to work just after being mothers should not worry about the effects that their employment status may have in their children in the long-term.” Lucas-Thompson developed a meta-study that related 69 works carried out over 50 years by different universities and based on family follow-ups from birth to adolescence.

The conclusions are very severe with a particular: they denounce that it is the social inequalities that decant the balance. Because if the mother who stays at home has economic possibilities, the children will feel more the benefits of having their parent for them. Meanwhile, if the mother has economic problems, it is difficult for her to attend to her children as necessary.

In the United States, for example, one-third of mothers who stay at home are immigrants and half only have secondary schooling or less, 20% are single mothers and 7% have an unemployed partner, according to Pew Research data . They could be obvious, but you have to take them into account before offering some advantages and disadvantages of being a mother and staying at home taking care of the children.

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Points In Favor:

Emotional Support. The children have the mother with them at all times, whenever they need it. That gives them security and allows them to develop emotionally more easily. The mother, on the other hand, knows her children perfectly and knows what they need at all times.

Economic savings. If the mother stays at home she should not spend money on caregivers or nurseries. In Spain there is a lack of public places in schools for newborns up to three years, so private centers tend to set high prices, with an average of 500 euros per month, according to the INE. In the Community of Madrid alone, 20,000 families have had to give up the nursery because they could not bear the prices.

Lactation. The OMS recommends that the baby be breast-fed for at least six months. Maternity leave in Spain is four months, so if the mother stays at home, she can breastfeed as long as necessary.

One important thing for me as a stay a home mom is that if one of my girls gets sick I dont have to ring my boss to ask for a day off.

Points Against:

Professional realization Some studies suggest that the best family situation for a child is that both parents have work and income. If the mother leaves her career, even if only for a while, it will be very difficult for her to return to work. And if he succeeds, it will surely not be in a job as qualified as he had previously.

Less income a salary disappears, something that not all household economies can afford.

Female independence. If the woman works, she owns her life. If it depends economically on the husband, there will be decisions that she cannot make alone. Do we go back to the past?

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